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Home Improvement

Home Improvement is a family sitcom about Tim "The Tool man" Taylor (Tim Allen), the host of a local cable home improvement show called "Tool Time." Home Improvement looks at Tim at work, and at home, as the husband of Jill (Patricia Richardson) and the father to three teenage boys. Having been married for almost 20 years, Tim and Jill have had their share of fights, but with the help of their wise, mysterious neighbor Wilson W. Wilson, Jr. (Earl Hindman), things often turn out all right.

 (49 Ratings)
Network: ABC (US)
Actors: Tim Allen,
Patricia Richardson,
Richard Karn,
Pamela Anderson,
et al.
Genres: Comedy
First Aired: September 17, 1991
Runtime: 25 minutes
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Home Improvement - Complete 2nd Season (3-DVD)
Starring Tim Allen / Richard Karn
Television on DVD - Released June 7, 2005
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List Price: $20.00
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Home Improvement - Complete 1st Season (3-DVD)
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Starring Tim Allen / Patricia Richardson
Television on DVD - Released April 3, 2015
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List Price: $19.99
(4 Ratings)

Home Improvement - Complete 6th Season (3-DVD)
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Starring Patricia Richardson / Earl Hindman
Television on DVD - Released May 15, 2007
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List Price: $19.99
(33 Ratings)