Education: War / World War II Documentary

Semper-Fi: Marines in World War II - Counter
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The War File: Aircraft Carrier (3-DVD)
WWII - Air War: ETO
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World War II: They Also Served (4-DVD)
The Three Wars Of The Battleship Missouri
Smithsonian Networks - Day of the Kamikaze /
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Atomic Age Classics, Volume 6: Love & Marriage
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History Channel: Hitler's Lost Plan
World War II: When the World Went to War, Volume
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Road to Berlin: March to Victory (5-DVD -
The War File - Tanks! The Battles For Normandy
North Atlantic Battles - The Fight Against U-Boats
Submarine Warfare
Submarine Warfare (DVD)
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The War File - Battleships At War
The War File - War In The Pacific: From Pearl
World War II: When the World Went to War, Volume
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World War II: When the World Went to War, Volume
Infocus - World War II: Turning Points (3-DVD)
History Channel: Nazi Spies in America
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WWII - Bomber Wars
The War File - Battlefield - El Alamein
The War File - Carrier Battles of World War II
The War File - The War At Sea - Surface Raiders &
Who Shall Live and Who Shall Die? (25th
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The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On
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Semper-FI: Marines in World War II: The Beginning
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Secrets of the Dead - Dogfight Over Guadalcanal
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A&E Biography: General Omar Bradley
History Channel: Honor Deferred
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WWII - Famous Generals of WWII (2-DVD)
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Adolf Hitler - The Double Headed Eagle: Hitler's
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Paper Clips (2-DVD)
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Paper Clips (2-DVD)
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Aviation - WWII: Clash of Eagles (2-DVD)
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National Geographic - Lost Fleet of Guadalcanal
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Hitler and Nazi's Box Set
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History Channel: WWII - World at War: 26 Episode
History Channel: WWII - Last Days of World War
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The Tuskegee Airmen: They Fought Two Wars
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Fire on the Mountain
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The Eye of Vichy
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The Eye of Vichy (DVD)
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Fighter (DVD)
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National Geographic - Pearl Harbor: Legacy of
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History Channel: World War II - The War in the
History Channel: WWII - Pearl Harbor (2-DVD)
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The Sorrow and the Pity (2-DVD)
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Mein Kampf/Adolf Hitler
The Architecture of Doom: The Nazi Philsophy of
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WWII: In Color
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WWII: In Color (DVD)
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