Genres: Heavy Metal
Decades: 2000s


Scott Conner (USA), who goes by the alias Malefic, founded this one-man black metal band. Based in Alhambra, California, USA, Conner claims the name Xasthur is taken from the occult book Necronomicon and is a combination of the names of two different demons. After playing in various death metal bands Conner teamed up with a drummer known as Ritual and recorded a split album with another black metal band called Orosius. After this album Conner parted with Ritual and decided to play all the instruments himself. Although the band has all the characteristics of the black metal genre, a significant amount of the songs are instrumental pieces consisting of very ambient dark sounds including feedback and haunting synthesized sounds. Songs such as ‘A Curse For The Lifeless’ show a well-composed melodic edge to his music. Lyrically Conner focuses on negative aspects; suicide, despair and hate. Xasthur has recorded several split albums with various black metal...

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