Valaida Snow

Genres: Jazz
Decades: 1990s


2 June 1905, Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA, d. 30 May 1956, New York City, New York, USA. Born into an intensely musical family, Snow was taught by her mother to play cello, bass, violin, banjo, mandolin, harp, accordion, clarinet, saxophone and trumpet. She also sang and danced. By the time she was 15 years old she was entertaining professionally and had decided to concentrate on trumpet and vocals. Her sisters Lavaida, Alvaida and Hattie were also professional singers, as was a brother, Arthur Bush. In 1924 Snow was attracting favourable attention in New York in the Noble Sissle and Eubie Blake show, In Bamville (The Chocolate Dandies). Soon thereafter she was in London with Blackbirds, recording with Johnny Claes, Derek Neville, Freddy Gardner and others. She then worked in China for a time; on her return to the USA she headlined in Chicago and Los Angeles, then rejoined the cast of Blackbirds, this time in Paris. Tireless, she played in Liza across Europe and in...

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