Ultramagnetic MC's

Genres: Urban
Decades Active: 1980s 1990s 2000s


This Bronx, New York, USA-based four-piece rap troupe incorporated the best traditions of jazz and funk in their polished, rhythmic style. Having worked with Boogie Down Productions’ KRS-One among many others, the Ultramagnetic MC’s earned their reputation at the forefront of rap, pioneering the use of the sampler in hip-hop. They comprised Maurice Smith (aka Moe Love; DJ), Keith Thornton (aka Kool Keith; lead MC), Trevor Randolph (aka T.R. Love; rapper and co-producer) and Cedric Miller (aka Ced Gee; MC and co-producer). The quartet emerged from posses such as The People’s Choice Crew and New York City Breakers just as Kool Herc and Afrika Bambaataa’s work saw hip-hop break cover. Their own backgrounds could be traced to underground basement clubs like the Audobon Ballroom, Sparkle and the Back Door.

The quartet’s 1988 debut served as a direct influence on the ‘Daisy Age’ rap of subsequent acts such as De...

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