Ulrich Schnauss

Decades: 2000s


1977, Kiel, Schleswig Holstein, Germany. Reclusive German sound engineer Schnauss finds virtue in prettiness and early 90s dream pop. With track titles like ‘Gone Forever’ and ‘On My Own’, his elegant and refined ambient techno is presumably intended to tug at the heartstrings rather than the feet (although Schnauss appears to be inspired by artists such as Orbital and B12, beats provide his songs with momentum rather than rendering them ‘floor-friendly’). His recordings kindle particular emotional responses, specifically a sense of loss, longing and loneliness. Explains Schnauss: ‘Obviously, I’m aware that music has a melancholy feel. But to me, making music is like disappearing into some kind of anti-reality, something that’s quite the opposite of everything that you experience in daily life.’ Schnauss has an overt affinity for the neo-ambient soundscapes from the early 90s UK indie music scene and notably...

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