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During the heyday of the tropicália movement, songwriters had to be careful with their words, since the censoring of lyrics was commonplace during the military dictatorship. By the 80s, however, the creative ban was lifted. That, combined with an acute socio-economic crisis, inspired a new generation of performers to voice their feelings of frustration, impotence and anger. It was the decade when rock came of age in Brazil, with a crop of young musicians who had grown up listening to the entire spectrum of Anglo rock and pop. From the Beatles to Genesis and Queen, Brazilians had always embraced foreign groups with fervour. Those influences began to creep up in the music of a new onslaught of rockers.

The São Paulo-based Titãs was one of the prime exponents of Brazilian rock in the 80s. The unit was formed in 1981 by Arnaldo Antunes (Arnaldo Augusto Nora Antunes, 2 September 1960, São Paulo, Brazil; vocals), Nando...

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