The Farm

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Decades: 1990s 2000s
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If perseverance warrants its own unique award, the Farm could have expected the equivalent of the Nobel Prize for their incessant efforts. Formed in 1983 by former youth worker Peter Hooton (28 September 1962, Liverpool, England; vocals), Steve Grimes (b. 4 June 1962, Liverpool, England; guitar), Phillip Strongman (bass) and Andy McVann (drums), the Farm were to become synonymous with so many cultural ‘scenes’ over the ensuing years that their music was rendered almost irrelevant. For much of the 80s the band flirted with politics, tagged ‘The Soul Of Socialism’, encouraged the ‘Scally’ fashions of their Liverpool home town, and maintained strong soccer interests - primarily through singer Peter Hooton’s fanzine The End, a precursor to the explosion of football fanzines at the end of the decade. By 1984, John Melvin, George Maher, Steve Levy and Anthony Evans had joined, bringing with them a brass section and adding a northern...

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