The Dubs

Genres: Doo Wop Pop / Rock
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Decades: 1950s 1960s 1990s 2000s
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The original members of this vocal group from Harlem, New York, USA, were lead Richard Blandon, first tenor Billy Carlisle, tenor Cleveland Still, baritone James ‘Jake’ Miller, and bass Thomas Gardner. They came together in 1957 and were an amalgamation of members of two previous groups. Blandon and Carlisle had previously been with the Five Wings who had recorded for King (notably ‘Teardrops Are Falling’), and Still, Miller and Gardner had come from the Scale-Tones, who had recorded for Jay-Dee. (Shortly after their first recordings, the Dubs replaced Gardner with former Five Wing Tommy Grate.) The Dubs never had any national hits, but several of their songs still resonate today as ‘golden oldies’, primarily because of their popularity on the east coast doo-wop scene. The group had five consecutive regional hits; ‘Don’t Ask Me To Be Lonely’ (1957), ‘Could This Be Magic’ (1957), ‘Beside (1958) and...

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