The Chipmunks

Genres: Pop / Rock
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A fictional group, the Chipmunks were three cartoon characters, Alvin, Theodore and Simon, who were created by Ross Bagdasarian (27 January 1919, Fresno, California, USA, d. 16 January 1972, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA), a multifaceted performer, who had earlier had an international hit as David Seville with ‘Witch Doctor’ in early 1958. On that hit, Bagdasarian had manipulated a tape recorder so that normally sung vocals played back at a faster speed. Using the same technique, he experimented with the sound of three voices harmonizing at that faster speed and it reminded him of the chattering of chipmunks. Bagdasarian had recorded ‘Witch Doctor’ for Liberty Records (the three Chipmunks, Alvin, Theodore and Simon, were named after Liberty Records executives), which released ‘The Chipmunk Song’ for the Christmas 1958 season. It reached number 1 in the USA and was quickly followed by ‘Alvin’s Harmonica’...

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