Susumu Yokota

Genres: Electronic & Ambient
Decades: 1990s 2000s
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Japan. Yokota disrupts the senses with wistful alien electronica that is by turns strident and introverted. Recording for labels such as Harthouse Records, Rising High Records, Space Teddy and Sublime, Yokota’s super abundance of alter-egos include Tenshin, Frankfurt-Tokyo Connection, Yokota, EBI, Yin And Yang, Ringo, 246, Prism, Anima Mundi and Stevia. The UK-based Leaf label had the prescience to work with the artist under his own name and on his best music, most notably the evocative and beguiling Image 1983-1998, a 1999 compilation of esoteric audio and visual images that took 15-year-old recordings as stimuli for new works.

Yokota is a refugee from Japan’s acid jazz, house and techno scenes and he seems to have rejected the dancefloor’s functional imperative, he still has not jettisoned the experimental techno impulse and deftly employs repetitive beats and motifs. Yokota claims that his life and background are of more...

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