Steel Pole Bathtub

Genres: Heavy Metal
Decades: 1990s 2000s


Formed in Bozeman, Montana, USA, in 1988, Steel Pole Bathtub soon relocated to San Francisco in order to pursue their highly personal take on hardcore music. Employing samples and unusual chord progressions and rhythms in order to twist their dense, atmospheric rock music into new shapes, the group released its debut album, Lurch, in 1990. Herein the group members - Dale Flattum (bass, vocals), Mike Morasky (guitar, vocals) and Darren Mor-X (drums) - first established their penchant for left-field rock dynamics and lyrics dealing with obsession, confusion and mental instability. Long before the advent of the Seattle grunge bands, there was also an obvious debt to Black Sabbath as well as punk forebears such as Flipper. Subsequent albums refined their style while their sonic experimentalism brought frequent comparisons to the Butthole Surfers. In addition to appearing on a number of underground compilation albums, they have also collaborated with Jello Biafra...

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