Squirrel Bait

Decades Active: 1980s 1990s


From Louisville, Kentucky, USA, Squirrel Bait were a highly amusing and captivating second-generation hardcore band of the mid-80s. Comprising Peter Searcy (vocals), Ben Daughtry (drums; replacing Britt Walford), David Grubbs (guitar), Brian McMahan (guitar) and Clark Johnson (bass; replacing Ethan Buckler), their two albums for Homestead Records are pithy blasts of youthful aggression and humour. Inspired by Hüsker Dü and the Replacements, Skag Heaven in particular sounded as fresh as anything of its genre and period. It promised a great future that never materialized. College careers beckoned and Squirrel Bait disbanded, though several members duly formed or joined other bands. Daughtry enjoyed the highest profile by teaming up with Evan Dando in the Lemonheads, and working as a percussionist for the cabaret band Love Jones. Searcy established the college-rock band Big Wheel. Grubbs made three solo albums for Homestead as Bastro, also working with Bitch...

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