Sparks Brothers

Decades: 1980s 1990s 2000s


Twin brothers, Aaron ‘Pinetop’ Sparks (d. c.1938) and Marion (aka Milton) ‘Lindberg’ Sparks (22 May 1910, Tupelo, Mississippi, USA, d. 25 May 1963, St. Louis, Missouri, USA) were constantly in trouble with the law for fighting, gambling and theft, although Milton gradually reformed after a jail sentence for manslaughter in 1937. Pinetop was an accomplished pianist, equally adept at slow numbers and mid-tempo boogies, in which his style recalls Big Maceo. Lindberg’s singing was more nasal, but equally attractive. Pinetop and Lindberg played the rowdy house-parties of St. Louis, and recorded, separately and together, from 1932-35, leaving an impressive body of work, including what appear to be the original versions of ‘61 Highway’ and ‘Every Day I Have The Blues’. Their lyrics make poetry from the realities of their lives: travel, lowlife, prison and sex.

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