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Formed in London, England in 1986 by Andy (Andrew Crighton, 4 July 1963, London, England, d. 1998; bass), Duncan (b. 22 August 1964, Louth, Lincolnshire, England; drums/vocals) and Simon (b. 11 December 1966, London, England; guitar), this enduring (and surnameless) punk band started off as ‘a joke’ with a hectic mixture of implausibly fast guitars and exquisite melodies. The trio, augmented by trombone player Dave from 1990’s Flibbiddydibbiddydob mini-album onwards, soon created their own niche in a British music scene sorely lacking the hardcore hardware to rival the host of angry American bands. Next to their own creations such as ‘Not Listening’ (included on their implausibly titled debut album), Snuff added a litany of thrashed-up cover versions, ranging from Tiffany to Simon And Garfunkel and numerous British television commercial jingles in-between. Such was the band’s sense of economy, they once managed to squeeze over 30...

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