Genres: Pop / Rock
Decades: 1990s 2000s


Darrin O’Brien, 30 October 1969, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Snow is one of the most commercially successful white reggae singers ever; his debut single, ‘Informer’, topped the US charts for seven weeks and reached the UK Top 3 in early 1993. Born Darrin O’Brien, the singer was raised in the Allenbury projects of Toronto and became a frequent visitor to reggae blues parties, where he assimilated the styles of Junior Reid, Eek A Mouse, Tenor Saw and Nitty Gritty. Considered a ‘problem child’, he spent 18 months in prison on a murder charge at the age of 19, before finally being acquitted - an experience that inspired the lyrics of ‘Informer’. His recording moniker was given to him by his Jamaican friend Marvin Prince and stands for ‘Super Notorious Outrageous Whiteboy’. Prince took Snow to New York City where he began working with rapper MC Shan on his debut album. Unfortunately, Snow returned to jail in 1991 after...

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