Silly Sisters

Genres: Folk
Decades: 1970s 1980s


During the lull which followed the recording of Steeleye Span’s All Around My Hat, vocalist Maddy Prior (14 August 1947, Blackpool, Lancashire, England) performed an abrupt volte-face and plunged back into pure folk song recording with a traditional album recorded with June Tabor (b. 31 December 1947, Warwick, England), a librarian in Swindon, England. Despite its ‘awful’ cover, 1976’s Silly Sisters undoubtedly helped launch Tabor. It contained an all-star band of musicians, on the sometimes chaotic, though always jovial set, with Prior’s high soaring voice contrasted by Tabor’s more earthy tones. The whole escapade attracted a great deal of media attention and quite naturally there was clamour for a follow up. In 1988, the Silly Sisters did reunite for No More To The Dance for the folkist Topic Records label. More touring followed, this time selective and considered, and whilst the set was a fine record, with the duo backed by...

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