Roy Davis Jr.

Genres: Dance
Decades: 1990s 2000s


Old school Chicago DJ and producer, who grew up with disco, purchasing his own turntables at the age of 15, before he started hanging around local celebrity DJ Pierre. He eventually progressed to a position as part of Pierre’s Phuture production team, alongside first lieutenant Spanky, who also provided vocals, and Felix Da Housecat. His first solo recording was ‘Twenty Below’ for Jack Traxx, but it was again credited to the better known Pierre. Unimpressed but undaunted, he continued to record under various guises, including an update of Phuture’s ‘Rise From Your Grave’ (at Pierre’s suggestion), before switching to New York and Strictly Rhythm Records, where he recorded the floor-filler ‘Mental Behaviour’. A liaison with the UK’s Ministry Of Sound saw the 1994 release of ‘Who Dares Believe In Me’ (credited to the Believers), which at last looked like bringing him out of the shadows of his mentor. He...

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