Roscoe Holcomb

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1911, Daisy, Kentucky, USA, d. 1981, USA. Although for his first 60 years he rarely strayed far beyond the bounds of the small town in which he was born, Holcomb became very highly regarded in the world of traditional Appalachian folk music. Indeed, it might well be that his decision to remain in this one place was a factor that not only determined his obscurity but also his eventual importance. Although it was inevitable that he heard music on radio and records and that played by itinerant musicians, Holcomb’s singing and playing of the banjo remained largely unsullied by outside influences. Fortunately, he was recorded in the late 50s by musicologist John Cohen, and his raw, untutored but passionately involved style became a yardstick by which the authenticity of Appalachian music may be measured. Holcomb was persuaded to tour and in the three years starting 1961 he appeared at the University of Chicago Folk Festival, the Berkeley Folk Festival and the UCLA...

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