Roch Voisine

Genres: Pop / Rock
Decades: 1990s 2000s


New Brunswick, Quebec, Canada. Roch Voisine ranks second only to Celine Dion as the most successful Canadian artist in French-speaking territories in the 90s. This is not an insignificant achievement - since launching his career with Hélène in 1989, the elegantly-coiffured Voisine has sold more than six million records worldwide. In the process, his image has changed from that of ‘beefcake pin-up’ to that of a more mature rocker, though his principal mode of address remains the whispered, aching ballad. His first English-language album, I’ll Always Be There, sold nearly half a million copies in Canada in 1993, but it was not released in the USA. That hurdle was negotiated with the release of Kissing Rain in 1996, for which Voisine flew to Los Angeles to collaborate on material with several prominent Californian and Canadian songwriters. Together they wrote over 50 songs for the album, a figure that was eventually paired down to 15 for...

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