Robert Dick

Decades: 1990s


New York, USA. An accomplished and world-renowned flautist, Dick’s work has straddled many different genres, from classical to blues and rock, but jazz is his favoured province. His induction into music and the instrument was revolutionised when he first heard the piccolo solo in the 50s pop hit ‘Rockin’ Robin’. However, he immediately felt restricted by the flute’s single-note limitations in most symphony orchestra settings, and pledged that he would stretch the instrument’s possibilities. ‘There was always a moment in my lessons when I learned a new note or two. One day we reached the new note moment and there was no new note; my teacher just went on. I said, ‘Don’t we have a new note?’ He said, ‘No, you know all the notes.’ I said, ‘Then don’t we go to two notes?’ And he said, ‘No, it’s just one note.’ As a result, he set about authoring his own fingering system and...

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