Genres: Pop / Rock
Decades Active: 2000s


There were countless bands coming from the USA during the early twenty-first century that attempted to pick up where Pearl Jam left off with their classic 1991 debut, Ten, and the Carbondale, Illinois-based quintet the Revis was just one of many post-grunge units attempting to establish themselves on the national charts. Although the band, which includes Justin Holman (vocals), Robert Davis and Nathaniel Cox (guitars), Bob Thiemann (bass), and David Piribauer (drums), had built a substantial following in their home-town under their original name, Orco, they opted to take their chances by relocating to Los Angeles, California. It took a while for the band to build a new audience on the west coast, but a demo caught the ear of Epic Records in 2002, leading to a recording contract. Produced by Don Gilmore (best known for his work on the aforementioned Ten and with Linkin Park) and mixed by two of rock’s most renowned names, Andy Wallace and Alan Moulder, the...

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