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In the wake of the Grid’s innovative coupling of down home hillbilly with techno, there were bound to be those waiting in the wings to duplicate the formula. Rednex were ostensibly a five-piece family affair, comprising Mary Joe (vocals), Ken Tacky (vocals/banjo), Bobby Sue (violin) and Billie Ray (violin). The press story conjured up to describe their evolution was entertaining enough to repeat: drawing personnel from Brunkeflo City, Idaho, where Mary Joe’s ancestors moved to from Sweden (where she grew up) two centuries ago. ‘Billie Ray and Ken Tacky are cousins, Billie Ray and Bobbie Sue are half-brothers cos they have the same father. My cousin’s aunt is sister to Bobbie Sue’s cousin’s uncle. Since my family moved there, no one has come in from the outside, so everyone in the town is related in some way’. However, Waltons shenanigans aside, there was doubtless more truth in the fact that Euro-dance producer Pat Reniz had a...

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