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This UK dance and concert outfit drew on John Playford’s The English Dancing Master, first published in 1651, for a good deal of their material. The line-up included Rosie Cross (6 October 1954, Leeds, Yorkshire, England; vocals, bassoon, tambourine, hammer dulcimer), Ian Blake (b. 9 December 1955, Finchley, London, England; clarinet, recorder, saxophone, bass, keyboards, vocals), Mark Emerson (b. 15 August 1958, Ruislip, Middlesex, England; violin, viola, keyboards, drums, vocals), Laurie Harper (b. 22 November 1953, Lambeth, London, England; violin, mandolin, mandola, bass, vocals), and Bill Martin (b. 3 May 1955, Woolwich, London, England; guitar, accordion, keyboards, vocals).

Pyewackett was formed in 1975, when Blake, Cross and Martin were students together, and became the resident band at their university folk club. They played their first professional date in 1977, having already undergone numerous personnel changes. By 1977, both...

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