Pink Grease

Genres: Pop / Rock
Decades: 2000s


In the early twenty-first century, more and more bands who worshipped at the glam punk altar of the New York Dolls and Iggy Pop began to emerge, one of the most notable being the Sheffield, England-based sextet Pink Grease. Formed by Rory Lewarne (vocals), Steven Santa Cruz (guitar/vocals), John Joseph Lynch (saxophone/guitar/vocals), Stuart Faulkner (bass), Marc Hoad (drums), and Nick Collier (programming), with femme make-up smeared on and trashy outfits thrown together the band attempted to create attention initially with their early name, the Buttfuckers. Realizing though that it would be a tough sell to get a band with that name on the BBC, the band wisely changed their name to Pink Grease And The Evil X, before eventually paring it down to just plain old Pink Grease. In 2002, two vinyl-only singles, ‘Waiting So Long’/‘Shake’/‘Soul Paco’ and ‘Working All Day’/‘Manhattan On Fire’, were released that got the UK...

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