Pierre Dorge

Decades: 1990s 2000s


28 February 1946, Copenhagen, Denmark. Composer and guitarist Dørge, after brief stints as sideman, led his own bands from the mid-60s inspired by the avant garde rock of Frank Zappa. Crucial learning years followed as participant in trumpeter Hugh Steinmetz’ and John Tchicai’s Cadentia Nova Danica big band (1969-71), which opened Danish jazz to a broad range of styles and genres of non-Western music. Since 1980 Dørge has led the New Jungle Orchestra which plays Duke Ellington as reinterpreted through Ornette Coleman. Dørge’s compositions and arrangements reinterpret the jazz tradition in a genial, yet iconoclastic manner characteristic of Charles Mingus’ music. Dørge has brilliantly shown how jazz can be creatively transformed and developed by music outside the USA, from the Balkans, Gambia and Bali. As he stated in the magazine Jazz Times : ‘I try not to use too much glue to make music.’

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