Peter and the Test Tube Babies

Genres: Pop / Rock
Decades: 1980s 1990s 2000s


UK punk rock can hardly stand as Brighton’s major claim to fame, but the southern coastal town in Sussex, England, had its moments. In-between the Piranhas’ flirtations with the UK charts, Peter And The Test Tube Babies gained notoriety during the early 80s, with their brand of goodtime, Oi!-inspired punk. The band was formed by Chris ‘Trapper’ Marchant (bass), Mark ‘Ogs’ Hoggins (drums), Peter Bywaters (vocals) and Derek ‘Del’ Greening (guitar). Locals may have remembered them from their contribution to resident label Attrix’s Vaultage 78 compilation, which featured the provocative ‘Elvis Is Dead’. The inelegantly titled Pissed And Proud captured the band in their favoured live environment, released, like their first two singles, on the No Future label. ‘Banned From The Pubs’ was followed by ‘Run Like Hell’ that same year, before the band set up their own label, Trapper. After the gruesome...

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