Pete Shelley

Genres: Pop / Rock
Decades: 1990s 2000s


Peter McNeish, 17 April 1955, Leigh, Lancashire, England. When the Buzzcocks disbanded in 1981, Shelley soon embarked on a variety of solo projects. In fact, his solo history extended before, and during, the Buzzcocks career. As one of the Invisible Girls, he helped out on John Cooper Clarke albums while the Buzzcocks were still active. Around the same time he also launched his own independent label, Groovy. On this he released 1980’s Sky Yen and Free Agents (the latter subtitled £3.33, which was also its original price). These comprised primarily tape loops and feedback and general free-for-all improvisation, with Sky Yen originally recorded in 1974. Much akin to work by Kraftwerk, these recordings prefaced the electronic feel of Shelley’s later solo work. Meanwhile, on New Hormones (the Buzzcocks’ original label) came the EP Tiller Boys, another of Shelley’s pet projects.

However, it was 1981’s Homosapien, a...

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