Genres: Pop / Rock
Decades: 1990s 2000s
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Taking their name from the native American tribe that once controlled the land that is now within the New York state area, Oneida literally translates as ‘people of the rock’, something the band wholeheartedly endorse. Formed by Papa Crazee aka PCRZ (vocals/guitar), Bobby Matador (keyboards), Kid Millions (drums), and Hanoi Jane (bass), the band was described by certain sections of the media as being part of the ‘New York Loft’ scene. The band restricted their live outings to impromptu parties, basements and various art events. Despite an obvious predilection for rock music the band’s frequently esoteric and challenging sound made early classification difficult. Containing elements of Krautrock, psychedelia, stoner rock, bluegrass, punk, and white noise, the devoutly anti-commercial sound nonetheless enabled the band to become a big draw for those lucky enough to catch a live outing.

Oneida recorded their 1997 debut A...

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