Norman Wisdom

Genres: Comedy Movies Vocals
Decades: 1950s 1960s 1980s 1990s 2000s


4 February 1915, Paddington, London, England. A slapstick comedian, singer and straight actor, Wisdom has been a much-loved entertainer for five decades in the UK, not to mention other such unlikely places as Russia, China, and - more recently - Albania. He broke into films in 1953 with Trouble In Store, and during the remainder of the 50s, had a string of box-office smashes with One Good Turn, Man Of The Moment, Up In The World, Just My Luck, The Square Peg and Follow A Star. Dressed in his famous tight-fitting Gump suit, he was usually accompanied by straight man Jerry Desmonde, and, more often than not, portrayed the little man battling against the odds, eventually overcoming prejudice and snobbery, to win justice and his inevitably pretty sweetheart. He nearly always sang in his films, and his theme song, ‘Don’t Laugh At Me’, which he co-wrote with June Tremayne, was a number 3 hit in 1954 on Columbia Records. He also made the Top 20 in 1957...

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