Nick Lachey

Genres: Action & Adventure Movies Television
Decades: 2000s


Nicholas Scott Lachey, 9 November 1973, Harlan, Kentucky, USA. Former frontman with the moderately successful boy band 98º, the solo career of Nick Lachey has played out against the backdrop of his high profile relationship with pop singer Jessica Simpson. The couple married in October 2002 and were instantly established as a leading celebrity item. The glare of the media spotlight was intensified when they starred in their own MTV reality show Newlyweds, which first screened throughout 2003. Lachey cashed in on the success of Newlyweds by releasing his solo debut, SoulO, at the end of the year. The slick urban soul approach sounded like a lame attempt to continue where 98º left off, and despite Lachey’s high media profile the album was a notable commercial failure.

Lachey’s concurrent attempt at launching an acting career foundered on the back of several minor film and television roles, and worse was to follow when he...

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