Nerf Herder

Genres: Pop / Rock
Decades: 1990s 2000s


Originating from Santa Barbara, California, USA, Nerf Herder formed in 1994, with a line-up comprising Parry Gripp (guitar/vocals), Steve Sherlock (drums), and Charlie Dennis (bass). Their unusual name was inspired by a line spoken by Princess Leia in the sci-fi movie, The Empire Strike Backs. The band’s geeky look and catchy power pop tunes, similar to Weezer, caught the attention of Arista Records shortly afterwards, resulting in a recording contract and the re-release of their self-titled debut. The album spawned a novelty hit in the form of ‘Van Halen’, but the trio’s initial success did not prevent Dennis from leaving the band in 1998, which led to the addition of new bass player Pete Newbury, as well as a fourth member Dave Ehrlich (guitar). On the eve of a supporting European tour, Newbury bowed out of the band, resulting in yet another new bass player, Justin Fisher (ex-Rentals). The new line-up debuted in 2000 with How To Meet Girls ...

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