Mr. Lee

Genres: Disco
Decades: 1990s


Lee Haggard, Chicago, Illinois, USA. Haggard’s introduction to music came via his elder brother, who taught him bass, drums and keyboards in the tradition of James Brown, Parliament and Funkadelic. By the time he was 18 he was to be caught DJing at local clubs and recording demo tapes at home, perfecting his own sound. Confident of his newfound abilities, he approached a friend, who brought him to the attention of Mitchball Records. A few singles emerged from the recording contract, but failed to sell. More success was to be found with the Trax Records label, for whom he recorded the hip house cut ‘Shoot Your Best Shot’. Popular in his native Chicago, it paved the way for the follow-up, ‘I Can’t Forget’, on which he sang for the first time, to become an international hit. However, from then on he changed his vocal delivery to that of a rapper, releasing singles like ‘Pump Up Chicago’ and ‘Pump Up England’. While...

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