Mr. C The Slide Man

Genres: Dance
Decades Active: 2000s


Willie Perry, Chicago, Illinois, USA. This Chicago-based DJ/performer enjoyed local notoriety and a brief period of national fame as the instigator of the Cha-Cha Slide dance routine. Perry was raised in the Englewood district of Chicago, and was given the moniker Casper at the age of seven. His love of dancing led to success at the city’s annual World’s Largest Steppers Contest. The origins of the Cha-Cha Slide date back to 1996, when Mr. C created the slide dance for a personal trainer. The dance became a popular aerobic exercise at fitness clubs, and four years later he was approached by Chicago’s WGCI radio station about recording a song to showcase the dance. The city’s M.O.B. Records label became involved as well, helping Mr. C create a whole album to promote the dance. Cha-Cha Slide was picked up for national distribution by Universal Records, and broke into the national Top 100 the following January.

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