Mouse On Mars

Genres: Electronic & Ambient
Decades: 1990s 2000s


The highly innovative Düsseldorf-based duo of Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma emerged in the mid-90s as the figureheads of a new wave of German electronic music. The pair met (allegedly) at a death metal concert in 1993, and began recording obscure soundtrack material together as Mouse On Mars. They signed with UK label Too Pure for the release of 1994’s debut EP Frosch, an astonishing multi-layered recording that drew on Krautrock, dub, techno and ambient to create a unique new sound. The duo’s full-length debut, Vulvaland, was released to widespread acclaim, although the sound continued to baffle critics attempting to categorise their music. In a similar manner to the UK’s Seefeel, the duo used standard rock instruments to create lush, textured soundscapes that sounded nothing like conventional rock music.

The follow-up, Iaora Tahiti (1995), was even better, a wildly adventurous exploration of the possibilities of stereo...

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