Genres: Electronic & Ambient Pop / Rock
Decades: 1980s 1990s 2000s


Nicholas Currie, 11 February 1960, Paisley, Scotland. After living in Canada for a spell as a teenager, Currie returned to the UK and, during the mid-80s, began recording on the independent circuit. His primary influence was Jacques Brel, whose earthy sexuality soon infiltrated Momus’ work. An EP, Beast With No Backs, on El Records, garnered minor critical attention, as did the album Circus Maximus. Momus promised a follow-up, The Poison Boyfriend, but that title was abandoned after he signed with Alan McGee’s Creation Records. Finally, in 1988, Momus returned with Tender Pervert, a lacerating document of sexual and emotional psychoanalysis. His strength was his strong narrative line, particularly on songs such as ‘Love On Ice’ and ‘Bishonen’. The following year, he issued Don’t Stop The Night, which featured a more electronic, dance-orientated approach in keeping with current fashion. One song, ‘Righthand Heart’, was a...

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