Mice Parade

Genres: Electronic & Ambient
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Decades: 1990s 2000s
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Adam Pierce, USA. Pierce runs the Bubble Core label, is a founding member of the Dylan Group, and occasionally freelances for Douglas Scharin’s dub obsessed HiM and Icelandic atmosphericists Múm. His own music is created under the Mice Parade moniker, an anagram of his own name. Resident in New York, Pierce forges a music that nevertheless is infected with trace elements of Chicago, specifically Tortoise and the Sea And Cake, and while suggestive of electronic music actually comprises ‘real instruments’ played ‘live’ and is deliberately free of samples or sequencing. On 1999’s Ramda, for example, Pierce’s one-man studio constructions were apparently recorded in single takes to introduce the possibility of mistakes and/or imperfection before these creations were exposed to studio trickery. The nature of this live instrumentation was hinted at by a track on Ramda that was given the functional name ‘More Music For...

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