Mark Kramer

Genres: Jazz
Decades: 1990s 2000s
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Maverick US producer/recording artist (Mark) Kramer became directly involved in music as the live sound engineer for several 70s New York bands, including the Waitresses and Pulsallama. He moved to Woodstock at the end of the decade where he became acquainted with Carla Bley and Anthony Braxton. Writing orchestral scores for the latter financed a trip to Europe, following which Kramer formed Shockabilly with Eugene Chadbourne and David Licht. This exceptional trio deconstructed 60s classic songs, fusing them with Chadbourne’s crazed perception of roots music. Five unique albums were completed before inner tensions forced them apart. Kramer then joined the Butthole Surfers in a touring, but not recording, capacity, before returning to New York to found a studio (Noise New York) and record label (Shimmy-Disc). He was also a member of two bands recording for his label, B.A.L.L. and Bongwater, the latter of which featured former Pulsallama singer Ann...

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