Mari Boine

Genres: World
Decades: 1980s 1990s 2000s


Marie Boine Persen, 1956, Iggadas, Norway. A Sami (or ‘Lapp’) from northern Norway, Boine trained as a teacher but soon grew disillusioned at the lack of representation of Sami culture within the Norwegian education system, and turned to singing, initially as a means of self-expression and therapy. She gave up teaching to concentrate on music full-time and released her debut, Jaskatvuoda Manja (After Stillness), for the Norwegian market only, in 1986. Her follow-up, Gula Gula (Hear The Voices Of Our Tribal Mothers), came out on the local Idut label in 1990 and was released internationally by Real World Records a year later. A stark and haunting album, it mixes Sami musical styles, such as the ‘joik’ form of singing, with influences from other cultures (jazz, Indian and Middle Eastern, as well as the South American influence added by a Peruvian flautist). Boine’s pure, soulful voice sings lyrics concerned with the mistreatment of Sami women....

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