Genres: Dance
Decades Active: 2000s


European dance project formed by DJs Patrick Bodmer (21 May 1970, Zurich, Switzerland) and Philipp Jung (b. 16 December 1970, Saarbrücken, Germany). The duo met as young boys on a tennis court in Saarbrücken, near the French/German border, solidifying their friendship at a local swimming pool later that summer. They then went their separate ways, but it was a chance meeting in Frankfurt, Germany, which proved the catalyst to starting a musical partnership. In 1995 Jung was working for successful German dance act Snap!’s record company, while Bodmer was studying and living as an artist. They released a smattering of very limited 12-inch records on local labels and played their own ‘Lust’ parties in Frankfurt. The events achieved underground status but did not provide enough income, so Bodmer and Jung had to take regular jobs, which they both detested and soon quit. During the late 90s the duo began to earn a reputation for their eclectic...

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