Genres: Electronic & Ambient
Decades Active: 2000s


Scott Morgan, Canada. Morgan apparently appropriates his Loscil alter ego from the operation code within the sound synthesis system Csound. Although he admits he rarely actually uses Csound to create his compelling minimalist recordings, he asserts that looping and oscillating are the basics of his music-making process. Loscil’s debut, Triplepoint, was named after the scientific term for the temperature where a material can exist with its solid, liquid and gas phases all in equilibrium. Based on a collection of demos entitled A New Demonstration Of Thermodynamic Tendencies, the album takes the titles of its minimalist dub / techno /ambient inspired tracks from the language of thermodynamics, the science which investigates the conversion of heat into mechanical force or energy and vice versa. However, Morgan has confessed that track titles such as ‘Hydrogen’, ‘Enthalpy’, and ‘Discrete Entrophy’ were lifted from a book bought in a...

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