Decades: 1990s 2000s


By slowing down hardcore punk riffs, playing them without distortion, and adding a melodic sheen on top of it, the US indie rock trio Karate has created a highly original sound. Formed during 1993 and originating from Boston, Massachusetts, most of its members have their previous musical background in non-rock styles such as jazz (vocalist/guitarist Geoff Farina) and classical (bass player Jeff Goddard). It took the band several years to hone their craft, with Goddard replacing original bass player Eamonn Vitt in 1995, the latter of whom switched to guitar and played on the band’s first two albums before leaving to pursue a career in medicine.

During the next few years, the trio (Farina, Goddard and drummer Gavin McCarthy) churned out several albums and EPs. 2001’s Cancel/Sing featured only two songs but clocked in at almost 30 minutes in length.

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