Julie Felix

Genres: Folk
Decades: 2000s


14 June 1938, Santa Barbara, California, USA. Felix arrived in the UK during the early 60s at a time when several US folk singers, including Paul Simon and Jackson C. Frank, had also relocated to London. Her early recordings revealed a commercial, rather than innovative talent, a fact emphasized by weekly appearances on UK television's The Frost Report (1967/68). She followed the liberal tradition of Tom Paxton or Pete Seeger, rather than that of the radical left, although she was an early champion of the folk-styled singer-songwriter movement, notably Leonard Cohen, and was proclaimed as "Britain's Leading Lady of Folk". Her humanitarian beliefs had, however, been put to practical use by the singer's tour of the African states of Kenya and Uganda, working for the Christian Aid and Freedom From Hunger charities.

Felix enjoyed two successful British television series in her own right, Once More With Felix (1969/70) and The Julie Felix Show...

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