Joe Augustine

Decades: 1990s


Joseph Augustus, 13 September 1931, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, d. 9 October 1992. A soulful R&B singer in the Roy Brown tradition, August began performing as a novelty act - The Nation’s Youngest Blues Singer - in his early teens, performing with the likes of Paul Gayten and Annie Laurie. In 1949 he was signed to Coleman Records who brought him north to record with Billy Ford And His Musical V-8s, and although none of the tracks charted, the mighty Columbia Records were interested enough to buy his contract and re-record the Coleman tracks with Billy Ford’s band. August stayed in the New York area for the next few years, making one-off recordings for various record labels including Domino, Lee and Regal. In the early 50s he settled for a short time in Los Angeles, recording for Duke (with Johnny Otis) and Flip. In the late 50s he returned to New Orleans and made his last recordings for Dot Records and Instant. He continued to perform into the early...

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