Jello Biafra

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Eric Boucher, 17 June 1958, Denver, Colorado, USA. It took a little time for Biafra to launch his solo career after being emotionally and financially sapped by the demise of his former band, the Dead Kennedys. The drain was primarily due to the torturous legal process after the group were charged with ‘distributing harmful matter to minors’ over H.R. Giger’s painting Landscape #20 - aka ‘Penis Landscape’. When Biafra did resume recording it was initially in the field of spoken word lectures. Both No More Cocoons and the ironically titled High Priest Of Harmful Matter took this course, the latter explaining in great detail, and no little humour, the forces lined up against him in his trial. Always an articulate songwriter and frontman, Biafra worked well in the environment, with much of the material culled from his live lectures throughout the USA (centred on the theme of artistic censorship by bodies such as the PMRC, who had made Biafra...

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