Har Mar Superstar

Genres: Pop / Rock
Decades: 2000s


Sean Tillman, USA. Originating from St. Paul, Minnesota, Har Mar Superstar is Tillman’s bizarre creation. The singer claims his nickname comes from the name of a nearby shopping mall, but it is also an abbreviation of another of his alter egos - Har(old) Mar(tin). Getting his start as a multi-instrumentalist (bass, vocals, synthesizer) with local indie rockers Calvin Krime, Tillman appeared on a few releases with the short-lived act, including 1997’s Dress For The Future and 1998’s You’re Feeling So Attractive. Tillman wasted little time putting two new acts together, one that was rooted in indie rock (Sean Na-Na) and the other in funk and humorous kitsch. The latter alias, Har Mar Superstar (the ‘superstar’ part was added owing to Tillman’s supreme dance moves onstage), was unveiled with a self-titled debut recording issued in 2000 on the Kill Rock Stars label. A buzz began to immediately surround Har Mar Superstar, owing in no...

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