Greg Copeland

Genres: Pop / Rock
Decades: 1980s 2000s


USA. Singer-songwriter Copeland began his career in Orange County, California, USA, during the mid-60s. He performed in many of the same folk clubs frequented by Tim Buckley, Jackson Browne and Steve Noonan. The four artists were signed by Elektra Records in 1966 although only Buckley and Noonan recorded for the label. Instead, both Browne and Copeland became contract songwriters for Elektra’s publishing house, Nina Music. Five of Copeland’s songs, co-written with Noonan, appeared on Steve Noonan. The most notable of these, ‘Buy For Me The Rain’, became a minor US hit when covered by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Copeland also collaborated with Wyatt Day of Ars Nova, the results of which appeared on that group’s debut album. Copeland dropped out of music at the end of the 60s, but resumed his career in the 80s at the behest of the now-successful Browne. Revenge Will Come echoed his mentor’s style, but it was not a commercial success....

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