Grant-Lee Phillips

Genres: Comedy Movies Country & Bluegrass Television
Decades Active: 2000s


1 September 1963, Stockton, California, USA. Former film school student Grant-Lee Phillips has established himself as one of America’s most fêted modern songwriters, making his name with Shiva Burlesque and Grant Lee Buffalo before graduating to an acclaimed career as a solo artist.

Phillips worked with musicians Paul Kimble and Joey Peters in the latter-day line-up of Shiva Burlesque and then Grant Lee Buffalo. During his time with the latter he was voted Best Male Vocalist Of The Year (1995) by Rolling Stone magazine. Phillips launched his solo career in 1999 after record company indifference finally forced Grant Lee Buffalo to disband, working with renowned rock producer Jon Brion on his low-key debut Ladies’ Love Oracle. The album initially saw the light of day in 2000 as an online-only release, and while containing a number of impressive songs (notably ‘Heavenly’ and ‘St. Expedite’) was perhaps too...

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