Genres: Heavy Metal Pop / Rock
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Decades: 1990s 2000s


Goldfinger sprang from a new wave of ska punk bands formed in California, USA, in the wake of Green Day and the Offspring’s international breakthrough. Based in Los Angeles, Goldfinger blend elements of ska and punk (à la Rancid and Reel Big Fish) with emocore (as pioneered by Guy Piccoloto’s pre- Fugazi group, Rites Of Spring). The band was formed in 1994 by John Feldmann (guitar/vocals), Darrin Pfeiffer (drums) and Simon Williams (bass), with Charlie Paulson (guitar) joining shortly afterwards. In keeping with the traditions of the west coast punk scene (as opposed to its east coast and UK counterparts), the quartet remained wary of any ‘radical punk’ tag: ‘Punk was about being different, about being against the establishment. We’re on the Warped Tour. We’re on MTV. How fucking against the establishment can we possibly be?’. It took Goldfinger some time to break through, however. Rick Rubin of American Records was...

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