Decades: 1990s 2000s


During the early 90s, sexual fetish trappings - such as rubber and leather garb and increasingly extravagant body piercings - became fashionable. It was no surprise, therefore, that a band surfaced who used elaborate sado-masochistic imagery as the basis for their act. The band in question was the Genitorturers, a Florida, USA alternative rock band which was discovered by I.R.S. Records when they were looking for acts for a film featuring rock bands with spectacular stage shows. The film project was abandoned, but the Genitorturers secured a recording contract and recorded 1993’s sadist debut, 120 Days Of Genitorture.

The founder, vocalist and core of the band, Gen, is a statuesque dominatrix who is not only a professional body piercer but was previously employed as a transplant co-ordinator in a local hospital. She became a persuasive spokesperson for the new piercing ethos, which presented sado-masochism as not only a sexual, but also...

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